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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join RMRT?
    Visit our ROBLOX Group and send a join request. When accepted, your rank will be 'Verified Passenger'.
  • Can I apply to be a trainee if I am not in the Discord Server?
    Yes. You may complete the application form at ( When you pass the form, you will then be ranked as a trainee and be able to join the game. For private one-on-one test sessions and schedules on shift sessions, you will need to join the RMRT Discord Server.
  • What are some career opportunities I can expect in RMRT?
    Visit our career page at ( to find out more about the available career opportunities!
  • How do I become a Bus Captain?
    If you are ranked Applicant, please attempt to pass the Application Form linked here. If you are ranked Trainee, please refer to the Basic Bus Management Module liked here. Do join the Community Server to book your personal test sessions here.
  • I have already filled in the application form. Can you review my application now?
    ​Not at your request. As we are also busy with other commitments, we are not able to review your application immediately after you submit. All applications are reviewed by batches during any time of a day. We will ignore DMs that prompt us to review your applications. We kindly seek for your patience.
  • How do I report a player or user?
    Open a ticket in our Discord Community Server under the #support channel and let us know more there. If the report is regarding a driver which shows reckless driving, please do prepare the following; 1. A clear screenshot of the user commiting the offence(s). 2. A screenshot of actual username of the user in the leaderboard. 3. A screenshot that shows the user operating the same vehicle in Point 1. 4. A screenshot of the Timestamp when the event occured.
  • We are interested in a partnership with RMRT. Are you interested?
    Unfortunately, we are not interested in pursuing any partnerships with other groups or individuals. This is because we want to focus on stabilising our group's foundation first, before we pursue greater matters.​ Messages regarding such partnerships or collaborations will be ignored.
  • Can I be a Senior Manager?
    Yes and No. Yes: Throughout your stint in RMRT, you have gained a positive word-of-mouth from fellow members. From there, you will gain an opportunity to be nominated to be part of the senior management. No: You cannot nominate or promote yourself as a senior manager. Senior Managers are only handpicked and unanimously recommended by the existing senior management.
  • I have a burning question to ask, where can I ask the question?
    Please ask the question or enquiry in Discord under the #kopi channel for anyone to answer or open a ticket under the #support channel for a official staff member to answer your question or enquiry. You may also choose to ask the question in this website's chat function. Please refrain from asking any questions within the ROBLOX Group Page as it is not checked daily by our staff members.
  • How do I contact a Senior Manager directly?
    Do only use the following methods to get in touch with us; 1) Messaging in RMRT Discord Channel (in chat or ticket channels) 2) Messaging directly in-game (Asterwale) 3) Messaging in RMRT Website Chat Function 4) Email directly These options are arranged by the speed and availability of our Senior Managers.
  • Where are your operating districts?
    We are currently operating in Asterwale and Baysview towns. We have been operating in Asterwale since 2020 and Baysview in 2023 following the merger of RMRT and SMRTC groups.
  • Who can play your experiences?
    A player must join the ROBLOX Group at ( and complete and pass the Application Form at ( to be able to join RMRT's experiences.
  • What bus services does RMRT operate?
    You can find the answer to this question here!
  • Will route guides be turned on in Test Sessions?
    Route guides will be turned OFF in Private or Mass Test Sessions. You are highly encouraged to memorise the training route as shown in
  • Can mobile users drive in our games?
    Unfortunately, mobile users are not allowed to drive our buses. This is due to our driving system's incompatibility with the mobile devices. Thus, mobile users will be automatically disqualified from any bus driving duties and relevant activities.
  • When will test and shift sessions going to be held?
    For information regarding when test and shift sessions are going to be held, you may visit the RMRT Discord Server under #test-info and #shift-info respectively. You may also visit the RMRT Teamup Calendar at ( For private one-on-one test sessions, you will need to join the RMRT Discord Server to request for a private test session with our Senior Managers and Junior Executives.
  • What are the available buses in your games?
    You can find the answer to this question here!
  • Can I help with the development of RMRT Games?
    You may indicate your interest in development to any one of our Senior Management staff or apply to be a Junior Developer in the website chat or more preferably opening a ticket in the Discord Server. Find out more at (
  • How do I become a Senior Bus Captain?
    In order to apply for SBC, you will need to obtain 500 minutes worth of trips from attending shifts sessions. You may check the Bus Captain Database to check whether if you are eligible for SBC Training at ( After you have completed 500 minutes shift driving, you may go to our Discord server under #test-session-booking or request in the website's chat function and book a test!
  • Can we request for new interchanges, road districts and features in Asterwale?
    You may try suggesting over at RMRT Discord Server under #suggestions with a !suggest prefix. (e.g. !suggest Can we have new LED Street Lighting?) Please do see #how-to-suggest on tips on how to suggest a question. However, you are advised not to request for new interchanges and parts of the town as parts of the town have been strategically planned as the town was originally intended to be a training town. We can promise larger and wider roads in the upcoming developments and as well as some tight roads to challenge our drivers. We will not accept any future suggestions for map and road expansions. We hope to seek for your understanding.





  • Be kind

  • Be respectful




  • No vulgarities

  • No bullying or discrimination against others

  • No spamming

  • No self-promotion

  • No requesting of admin powers


Please head on over to the RMRT Penal Code and Behavioural Rules.

All rules are in accordance with the Roblox guidelines and can be changed at any time under our discretion.
You can be permanently banned from our experiences and/or group if you violate any of them.

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