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Terms and conditions

Welcome to RMRTsg! We're glad to have you as a visitor and hope you enjoy your stay. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our website. By accessing or using this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, please refrain from using this website.

For Parents

Roblox Mass Rapid Transport Singapore (RMRTsg) is a fictional public transport operator based in Singapore, which is created on on the gaming platform, ROBLOX. The team of administrators and moderators behind RMRTsg will do our best to create and ensure a safe space for play by enforcing rules and regulations across our gaming experiences and social media channels.

For information on ROBLOX, see

For advice on navigating video games with your child, see


On Copyright and Usage of Content
No right, title or interest in any material downloaded from this website is transferred to you as a result of downloading or copying. Do also note that no part(s) of this website may be reproduced, broadcasted, framed, hyperlinked, transmitted in any manner, be commercially exploited or stored in an information retrieval system without prior written consent of RMRTsg. RMRTsg reserves the right to automatically terminate permission to use content in this website and to request that you immediately destroy any copies you have made of the website should these terms and conditions be violated.

On Personal Data

We generally do not collect your personal data unless it is provided to us voluntarily by you directly or via a third party who has been duly authorised by you to disclose your personal data to us. After you have been notified of the purposes for which the data is collected, and you have provided written consent to the collection and usage of your personal data for those purposes, or collection and use of personal data without consent is permitted or required by the PDPA or other laws under Singapore's jurisdiction. We shall seek your consent before collecting any additional personal data and before using your personal data for a purpose which has not been notified to you (except where permitted or authorised by law).

On Social Media
RMRTsg welcomes constructive feedback, suggestions as well as active discussion from you. 
By participating in any discussion, conversation or dialogue on the RMRTsg Social Media Channels, you agree that you are responsible for the comments, opinions, views, feedbacks and/or other content you post ("User Content"). As a courtesy to other users, we reserve the right to remove User Content which may be offensive to others such as obscene language, personal attacks, racial or religious slurs, spam and irrelevant content. While RMRTsg makes reasonable efforts to monitor and/or moderate User Content on its Social Media Channels, RMRTsg does not moderate all of such User Content and cannot always respond in a timely manner to online requests for information.

On Partnerships

We would like to thank you for your kind offer and we are very much pleased with your interest in working with RMRTsg. However, we are currently going through our developmental stages and are currently progressing well. It is a testament to the hard work of the team that we have already made so much progress in such a short time. Despite so, the group would not wish to engage in any sorts of collaboration or partnership currently due to our need to focus on the development of our map as well as our personal commitments. We would like to express our gratitude for your continuous support and encouragement. We are looking forward to working with you in the future, if possible.

On Policies

RMRTsg has a KYC, or “know your client” policy, which is a set of processes that verify a player’s identity and background to ensure that they are not involved in any illegal activities. This is done so to safeguard RMRTsg’s interests and to protect the members of the group.

By using the RMRT Website, you agree to the above listed Terms and Conditions.

RMRTsg reserves the right to amend its disclaimers, terms and conditions without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion.

Last Updated: 25 December 2022

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